12 Best & Fun Things To Do In Williamsburg, Ky

Williamsburg, Kentucky is a small city in Whitley County in the US. Founded in 1819. This city is home to around five thousand people. As a matter of fact, it is named after William Whitley who was an American Pioneer and has an interesting journey in life that is worth knowing to relate to the essence of the city.

Furthermore, this small city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and here you can find everything that you want to explore on your dream trip. But, though it is a small city, don’t underestimate the beauty of Williamsburg Kentucky. It has a river, water park, malls, cineplex, science museum and many more. It has the Jellico mountains, Cumberland River, and other natural beauty places.

Williamsburg, Kentucky is known as the gateway to the Cumberlands as it is only 18 miles away from Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. This park has Cumberland Falls also known as Little Niagara. Williamsburg hosts a bluegrass festival, Border Bowl and Jeep Jamboree.

Browse below the list of 12 things to do in Williamsburg ky and get an idea of the city.

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1. Summer Shoals Retreat and Campground

Summer Shoals Retreat and Campground

It is Located on the banks of  Cumberland River, Summer Shoals Retreat and Campground is a beautiful riverfront campground. 

What to do: It is a perfect place to camp with your family or friends. Enjoy the different water slides and have lunch while enjoying the beauty of the place. 

Why you should go: If you are traveling with your kids and want to experience exciting things then add this to your bucket list. 

Timings: 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday and 2 pm to 10 pm on Sunday 

2. Cumberland Museum

Cumberland Museum

Opened in 1994, Cumberland Museum is under the ownership of the University of the Cumberlands. It has hundreds of specimens, from small short-tailed shrews to huge polar bears. These animals are kept in a created environment to match their natural habitats.

What to do: Visit this place to watch the animal specimens and artifacts from the local region. You will be able to learn about the past of Williamsburg. 

Why you should go: It is one of the free things that you can explore on your trip to Williamsburg ky. It hosts a variety of attractive displays including archives of Cumberland University, stamps, coins and other things. Here you will get information about the past of Williamsburg ky.

Timings: 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week 

3. Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

It is a national park in the US spread across 125,310 acres. It is so huge that so many types of recreational things are in it and it is suitable for all age groups.

What to do: Whatever type of recreational activities you want to explore, high chances are there that this place has it. Here you can hike, watch the sunset, swim, have delicious meals, camp and whatnot.

Why you should go: How can a trip to Williamsburg, Kentucky be completed without exploring this? It is a very famous place and more than seven hundred thousand visitors come to this place every year. 

Timings: 24 hours 

4. Laurel River Lake

Laurel River Lake

It is a beautiful, clean, and clear Lake with beautiful white sand and clear water. 

What to do: It is a perfect place for swimming and fishing. It is surrounded by natural beauty and it is a perfect spot for sightseeing. 

Why you should go: It is a free activity and here you can relax. Its beautiful scenery is a soothing place, a perfect place for calming the mind and having peace.

Timings: 24 hours 

5. Kentucky Splash Water Park and Campground

Kentucky Splash Water Park and Campground

Opened in 2001, it is a huge water park and campground with lots of amenities including showers, tents, restrooms, and many others. It is handicap accessible and allows pets also.

What to do: Here you can cool down and have watery fun, especially in summer. 900-foot-long lazy river, water slides, and park towers are its major attractions. 

Why you should go: They offer free parking and even their admission charges are very less for such an amazing water park and campground. Though it is inexpensive, you will have a lot of fun here.

Timings: May to September 

6. Briar Creek Park

Briar Creek Park

Located at Briar Road, it is a park in Williamsburg ky. It is a recreation area that offers lots of amenities.

What to do: It is a perfect place for picnics, hosting birthdays, reunions, sports tournaments such as softball tournaments, meets, and so on. You can just enjoy the sun or shade here.

Why you should go: It is not that expensive to take rental shelters and it has around 6 such shelters.

Timings – 24 hours 

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7. Williamsburg Vendors Mall

Williamsburg Vendors Mall

It is a flea market in Williamsburg. Here, you will get antique products and the price is also reasonable.

What to do: If you are a shopaholic then it is on the list of must-to-go places in Williamsburg. Here you will get products made by local vendors. Go and buy anything related to home decor as in future that decor will remind you of the trip to cherish its memories. 

Why you should go: Here you will get local products and you can also have good food while shopping.

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday and Sunday closed 

8. Wood Creek Lake

Wood Creek Lake

It is a reservoir surrounded by beautiful trees and a splendid landscape. It was created by impounding Wood Creek in 1969.

What to do: Rent a boat for lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery while having lunch. You can also relax and rejuvenate yourself away from the chaotic mess of large cities. Many artists come to this spot to draw beautiful scenery.

Why you should go: This lake is calm and beautiful. It is a perfect place for fishing, sightseeing and exploring the woods. It will give you a peaceful and soothing environment. 

Timings: 24 hours 

9. Pulaski County Park

This park provides lots of amenities. With its good environment and beautiful atmosphere, it is a good picnic spot.

What to do: It is the perfect place to kayak, camp, play golf, boat and have a real picnic. Here you can book cabins and enjoy the beautiful view of the water or you can camp with your friends.

Why you should go: It offers a swimming pool, beach, boat ramps, rental cabins, bike and hiking trails and much more.

Timings: 24 hours 

10. Lake Linville

Lake Linville

Constructed in 1968, Lake Linville is a water reservoir spread over 356 acres. It is 72 feet high and its length is 1100 feet. It has lots of amenities. 

What to do: It is a pretty and lovely little spot for watching sunsets. Here you can go boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and other activities. You can enjoy the boat lunch with your partner and have some privacy. Lake and its beautiful surroundings will make a soothing calm and lovable environment.

Why you should go: This place is beautiful and they provide you with lots of things to do such as giving a fishing boat for rent and offering a boat lunch. Apart from the campground, you will also find restaurants and playgrounds here.

Timings: 24 hours 

11. Williamsburg City Park 

Williamsburg City Park 

Situated on Third Street in Williamsburg, this park has two ball fields and two play areas. This park is nostalgic for many residents of Williamsburg who have sweet memories of the park when they were young.

What to do: Organise events, parties, and reunions. It hosts annual programs which are good to attend and have fun.  

Why you should go: It is free and has lots of amenities. You will feel fresh and enjoy the dusk settings and airy breeze. 

Timings: 24 hours 

12. Torres Mexican Steakhouse 

Torres Mexican Steakhouse 

Located at Walmart way, Torres Mexican Steakhouse is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg ky.

What to do: Want to taste authentic Mexican food, then Torres Mexican Steakhouse is a perfect spot for you. Steaks and chicken are popular delicacies. 

Why you should go: Any trip is incomplete without food, Torres Mexican Steakhouse is a perfect place for having lunch with your favorite people.

Timings: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm, Monday to Saturday and 11:30 am to 9 pm on Sunday 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Williamsburg Kentucky a good place to live?

Indeed it is! Though it is a small town, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The community of this town is caring and supportive. This town is home to genuine, honest and hard-working people. So, yes Williamsburg is a good place where you can live peacefully.

2. What is the crime rate in Williamsburg, Kentucky?

According to recent data, Williamsburg, Kentucky is safer than 71% of the US cities. It has a crime rate of 7.13. 

3. What county is Williamsburg Ky in?

Williamsburg, Ky is in Whitley County on the southeastern border of Kentucky, United States. 

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